Finite Values

I haven’t posted in a while, for whatever reason, so I thought I’d lead back in with a short piece on the utter mind-field of food.

Yes, the pun was deliberate.

I’m not sure what it is about autism and inanimate objects, but I’ve always had a weird emotional connection with food.

I’ve heard eating releases seratonin, so I can see why comfort eating is a thing and why I’d feel better afterwards. On the flip side, I can hype up the thought of food to the point of being pretty upset if it doesn’t happen. Probably something to do with changing plans.

As I’m pretty socially inept, public meals, buffet-style food or any kind of sharing is a difficulty. It’s a general concept that when you share food you each know how much is acceptable to eat, but not for me. I become so confused by it that I struggle to eat anything at all. Especially things that can’t be easily seperated into finite amounts (most recently, ice cream). A pizza, for instance, is easy. Eight slices between two people means you each get four slices. Once you’ve eaten four you stop. Simple, right?

This doesn’t work with large sharing platters, or with tubs of ice cream. These things aren’t easily divided out into discrete amounts and are pretty flap-inducing. I find it’s also worse if someone else is buying the food. If it’s my money then it’s my food, I’ll share but I can eat as much as I like.

For my sake, and possibly other autistics, provide a clear ‘this is for you, these are for me” to try and save us a lot of mental effort.

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